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hile we applaud the need for road traffic law enforcement, we are totally opposed the methods of the South African traffic police extorting money from motorist. We need more policing and not public fleecing. Did you know, the traffic police often don’t follow the prescribed procedures of the law when speed trapping? Many traffic fines issued in South Africa are invalid and in fact unlawful! This debacle was recently highlighted on Special Assignment on SABC3 and also on Carte Blanche by Devi Sankaree Govender and continues to make headlines in the media.

But motorists are unaware of their rights and pay for fines which should never have been issued.

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any of us do not know the law and the rules that apply to speed trapping. The majority of traffic fines issued in South Africa are technically flawed with many visible irregularities, which should be deemed invalid and unlawful. These unlawful fines are often paid by you unquestioned and unchallenged! How sure are you that you are even guilty of the offence? Just because you received a fine, doesn’t mean you’re guilty.

Many South Africans either pay their fines, or completely ignore their fines and end up arrested in roadblocks. The police often infringe on our basic constitutional rights by not adhering to procedures and protocols when issuing fines and enforcing the law. These technicalities are discussed and addressed in our assessment kit in great detail.

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What makes a traffic fine legal or illegal?

his is what most South African’s are confused about. The South African constitution allows you to defend yourself with any criminal charge laid against you. Being denied that right immediately questions the legality of most traffic fines. Police at times use intimidation tactics to motivate people into paying for their fines regardless of the evidence at hand or what the law prescribes as been legal.

Once you have been issued an AARTO Notice of Infringement or section 341 traffic fine for an offence you allegedly committed it does not mean that you are automatically guilty. The authorities are merely sending you a notice (often dressed up to look like a summons) informing you that they have recorded your vehicle allegedly committing a traffic offence and assume you are the driver by default. The onus is on you to prove otherwise.

They strongly encourage and intimidate you to pay your fine as soon as possible, but the department or Aarto agency has not yet proven you are guilty of any offence you have allegedly committed. In a lot of cases your basic legal rights are completely infringed upon, which most people are unaware of. It is your constitutional right to defend yourself in any court of law for any prosecution case against you. There are a number of things that can and do go wrong when the authorities produce and issue a speeding fine or notice of infringement. The image in the fine may not even be your vehicle or even be you driving the vehicle.

The dates and other imprinted information could be wrong or missing that are required by law, not to mention many other irregularities that are often found on infringement notices. All traffic fines must be issued and served as prescribed by the Road Traffic Act of 1996, Criminal Procedure Act of 1977 and (or) also the AARTO Act of 1998 in South Africa to make them legal. These laws and acts are for all motorists and for road traffic law enforcement agencies too. You have the right to demand that your case be withdrawn and cancelled if you can identify any visible irregularities on your fines that are in direct contradiction to these acts.


Our product the “Traffic Fine Assessment Kit” has been specially formulated with powerful check lists for you to use and to assess your traffic fines. You can assess your fines with confidence in accordance with the law of South Africa. The small investment in our package can save you thousands of Rands in invalid and unlawful fines not to mention the saving of points on the pending demerit point system soon to be implemented throughout South Africa. It is currently on promotion at a special price here.

NOTE!  Forget EVERYTHING You Thought You Knew About Traffic Fines!

The majority of Traffic Fines issued for are technically flawed and simply unlawful!  
The facts will shock you…

Unknown Facts About Traffic Fines

    • FACT: The police are issuing unlawful speeding fines every day, knowing the public are unaware of their basic rights and the laws that they are protected by.
    • FACT: Most people are paying fines unquestioned or completely ignore them and land in trouble later on.
    • FACT: Police budget on obtaining over 90% of their operational monies for penalties by issuing speeding fines.
    • FACT: Often the police that operate the Speed Measuring Equipment (SME) do not have the required operating certificates by law, nor have they he required training!
    • FACT: Police spend the majority of their time speed trapping to meet their daily quotas and neglect enforcing other basic road traffic laws.
    • FACT: The editing and tampering of the photo images used for evidence is forbidden. This is a crime on its own and constitutes fraud, yet agencies practice this regularly.
    • FACT: Police often setup speed traps where they do not have official permission to speed trap, this often makes these traffic fines unlawful and illegal when issued to motorists.
    • FACT: Police blatantly abuse their powers in Roadblocks and use scare tactics on motorist threatening them with arrests for outstanding traffic fines.
    • FACT: Police make thousands of illegal arrests unchallenged. People simply don’t know their rights and accept this unlawful behaviour.
    • FACT: Unless you know how to deal with traffic fines that are issued illegally, you may also become a victim like most of the other 99% of South Africans.
    • FACT: Our basic rights are compromised by ignorance and a lack of basic knowelegde of the National Road Traffic Law.
    • FACT: The Police, AARTO and their payment processor partners all use intimidation tactics to entice you to pay your traffic fines unchallenged.
    • FACT: The Police need to follow strict guidelines set out by the ‘Technical Committee for Standards and Procedures for Traffic control’ when using speed measuring equipment. This is regularly ignored by officials making many fines issued  technically unlawful.

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    The Biggest Mistake Most People Make!

    I’ll ignore my speeding fine, the police can’t do anything to me !

    ost of us are unaware our legal rights and don’t know the legal process of traffic fines. Many of us assume that there is a outstanding fine or a summons waiting for us at the post office. The fact is a speeding fine notice, otherwise known as a Notice of Infringement is only sent to advise you that proceedings will start against you and you have the opportunity to make representation if there is an error.

    Please Note: It is illegal  to receive a summons in the post by law, a ‘Notice of Infringement’ is not a summons.

    If you don’t collect your “Section 341 speeding fine” or “AARTO 03 Notice of Infringement” from the post office you are not doing yourself any justice as ignoring the notice reduces your chance to challenge the fine legally. With AARTO you only have 32 days to respond to AARTO to point out any irregularities found on the notice of infringement, and to avoid getting the demerit points that will be allocated to you in the future. Ignoring a Section 341 offence notice will result in a proper summons being served on you by a court officer or peace officer, as this type of fine falls under the Criminal Procedures Act. You will need to appear in a magistrates court to plea your case as directed. You will receive a warrant for your arrest should you ignore a served summons to appear in a magistrates court on a specific date.

    Do not ignore your traffic fines!

    There is absolutely no reason to ignore your traffic fine or summons if issued as there are numerous points of possible errors and regular irregularities that often make traffic fines invalid and unlawful. Use the tools, check lists and dynamic templates in the Traffic Fine Assessment Kit to dispute the ticket and get your case withdrawn and cancelled.

    Read more about The Traffic Fine Assessment Kit and how it can help you


    Did You Know That ….

      • Did you know: You could lose your drivers licence if you receive 12 or more points with the new AARTO Demerit Point system ? (soon to be launched by Government)
      • Did you know: It’s your right to demand that your outstanding fines get cancelled should you find that your traffic fine has irregularities on it that don’t comply with the law and Road Traffic Act regulations.
      • Did you know: Your traffic fine is invalid and unlawful if it was issued to you more than 30 calendar days from the date the offence was processed or issued.
      • Did you know: Your speeding fine could be invalid if the target cross hairs on your vehicle are in the wrong place or if the vehicle is not in the specified range!
      • Did you know: Your speeding fine could be invalid if the police tamper with your image photo on your fine to unfairly implicate you?
      • Did you know: Police may only install speed trapping devices in a specific location if they have permission from the Director of Public Prosecution for that area or zone.  This is often ignored by police as they seek new trapping areas when their trapping areas are discovered.

    Most of us will agree that the use of roadblocks in theory is an excellent idea. The Police basically funnel the traffic through their “fishing nets”, and are able to catch and pull motorists that are wanted by the law for crimes or major offences.


    This also gives police the ability to do spot checks on the validity of licenses and the general road worthiness of vehicles. As they are not setting up speed traps, they have the authority to set up pretty much where they like. They have mobile vans and trailers that are equipped with the full service instant fax, mobile communication, and mobile summons and warrant printing facilities. They even have full payment processors for all major credit and debit cards to pay your fines on the spot. They even have a direct link to for internet payment processors for convenience.

    Unfortunately police are also known to abuse their powers and are known to arrest motorists for outstanding fines. This common practice of detaining motorist in mini vans while requesting copies of legal documentation to enforce any outstanding warrants has become a daily occurrence. Many motorists are completely unaware of any warrants served and are not given their constitutional right to defend themselves. Many of these warrants are served illegally as they have not met the legal requirements as prescribed by the Criminal Procedure Act. Any arrest based on unlawful practice is deemed illegal. Don’t become a victim by ignorance, learn about your legal rights with the Traffic Fine Assessment Kit.

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    Have you seen this sign, look familiar to you?

     Part 27 Traffic Prosecutions:

    “Where cameras are used for prosecution purposes and offenders are not immediately stopped after the commission of an offence, road traffic signs must be displayed in the general area of enforcement in question, to alert road users of possible camera prosecutions”

    speed camera2

    his sign with the camera on the tripod is required by law to be directly below the speed limit sign on a stretch of road, just before where the traffic police have set up a camera speed trap installation. Only in cases where traffic fines are posted to you and you are not stopped immediately. Failing this would make the traffic fine issued unlawful and illegal. Police may not legally set up a speed trap installation within 300 meters of this sign, this too is often ignored by police as they look for hiding areas to setup their traps which don’t conform to regulations.

    This is only one of the many regulations set out by the director of public prosecutions. We cover the Road Traffic Act, The Aarto Act, and The Criminal Procedure Act in more detail in our product ‘The Traffic Fine Assessment Kit’.

    Please feel free to  contact us  should you want to know more about the content of the kit and what it covers, we have some more general information in or FAQ section  too.


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