Pay Your Traffic Fines or We Wont Renew Your Vehicle Licence

JMPD found another way to fleece the motorists if they do not pay their outstanding Aarto traffic fines they could struggle to renew their current vehicle licences. The JMPD director Gerrie Gerneke at Johannesburg metro police department warned motorists that if outstanding fines were not paid in a certain time that the motorists profile would […]

20 April 2013
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Minister Susan Shabangu Racks R65000 in Traffic Fines

Once again our minsters make a name for themselves for the wrong reason. The Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu has managed to rack up almost R65,000 in traffic fines. After the (DA) Democratic Alliance Parliamentary question was asked it revealed Susan Shabangu spent R64,060 on traffic fines between April 2009 and March 2012. That an […]

Aarto Act Violated By JMPD Metro Police Department

JPSA confirmed in the media that the notices are normally sent by registered postal mail, but JMPD management started sending notices on standard permit mail since June 1 last year thus saving R15.00 per mail item. The problem is that this practice as corrupt and unlawful and in violation of the Aarto Act. Nearly eight […]

Traffic Offences That May Get You Fined

Most of us are only aware of the most common traffic offences such as speeding, parking illegally, drunk driving, not wearing a safety belt, and of course driving without a licence. Did you know there are more than 2000 fines listed in the charge book of the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences also known […]

20 April 2013
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Audio Recording of Corruption and Intimidation By Two JMPD Police Officers

This is a shocking recording of blatant intimidation and corruption tactics by two JMPD police officers who tried to extort R,1500 off a motorist for a minor infringement on Sunday 9th Sept 2012 in Johannesburg. The motorist started recording the conversation shortly after being pulled into the parked van of the police, essentially arresting (restricting […]